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About cat FILTERS

Every Cat machine performs better with genuine Cat parts. Cat filters not only improve performance—they protect vital components for longer life and higher resale value. Contamination, even by  particles too small to see, costs money. As contaminates move through the system they cause  component wear. The advanced design found in Cat filters delivers maximum filtration and protection.

Cat® Filters are engineered, built and tested, specifically for Cat machines. When you look inside a genuine Cat filter the difference from other brand name filters is obvious. Genuine Cat filters offer advanced construction designed specifically to provide maximum filtration efficiency and protection so you get the most out of your machine. Our filters are specifically designed, without compromise, to provide consistent performance quality to protect your Cat machine and improve your bottom line.

Not all filters are the same. Cat Filters have:

     • Acrylic beads to prevent pleat bunching

     • Spiral roving for greater pleat stability

     • A nylon center tube to prevent metal contamination

     • Molded end caps to prevent leaks

While other brand filters may fit, Cat filters provide the superior quality and protection you need to maximize your engine and other component system's life. Replacing your off-brand filter with a genuine Cat Filter is easy. Just have your off-brand filter part number ready and contact your nearby Cat dealer today.  

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